About Me


I am Saeid Rahimi Mofrad, a process engineer working in the oil and gas industry since year 2000. I received M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering in Separation Processes and Transport Phenomena from Sharif University of Technology in year 2002 and B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering in Refinery Process Design from Shiraz University in year 2000.

Since graduation, I have been working on several projects in the different phases including feasibility, Concept, Basic, FEED and Detail Engineering. I have mainly worked on the onshore oil & gas processing plants, being mostly involved in the selection and sizing of process equipment, P&ID development, relief & blowdown studies and flare design.

I started working on the design of flare systems almost from the first day of my career. Since then, I have conducted many training courses on the relief and blowdown calculations and flare network sizing.

I believe the verbal knowledge, experience or understanding is easily forgotten or lost. Properly recorded knowledge not only can be easily referred to but also further developed by time. Following this concept, I have been always trying to keep my learning and findings in the form of small notes, papers or spreadsheets. Needles to say that I learned even more when I kept updating them over the past years.

I generated my first software in 1997 and until 2005 produced more than 40,000 lines of code for my personal library and companies I have worked for. One of the packages I have produced is “Chemwork”; a professional process engineering software for equipment sizing and calculations. I have also developed many guidelines and technical procedures, and more than 70 spreadsheets during these years.

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