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This is the place where I occasionally post an article on the various process design subjects. I hope this helps me reach other people working in the oil and gas industry more easily and effectively than publishing papers in the chemical engineering magazines.

I don’t think these notes are flawless or perfect. They may not even offer the best solutions or address all aspects of a particular subject. But I hope it will be useful for those in our industry that are yet ready to take the hardship of reading!

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Safety & Flare
Date of Release
Effect of Different Parameters on Depressuring Calculation Results 01-Nov-2010
Fire Heat Flux to UnWetted Vessel 05-Nov-2010
Set Depressuring Model Dimensions to Get More Accurate Results 28-Feb-2011
Validation of Hysys Depressuring Utility 12-Mar-2011
Pilot Operated Relief Valve Hydraulic Requirements 16-Apr-2011
The Basis of API Correlation for Fire Relief of Un wetted Vessels 25-Apr-2011
Setting MDMT Based on Hysys Depressuring Results 11-Jun-2011
A Complete Guideline for Blocked-in Condition 26-Sep-2011
Select the Right Relief Valve - Part 1 28-Apr-2012
Fire Heat Flux to Unwetted Vessel for Depressuring Calculations 25-Nov-2012
Designing an Explosion Proof Flare System 30-Apr-2013
Rotating Equipment  
A Look at Centrifugal Pump Suction Hydraulic – Part 1 05-Jan-2011
Higher or Lower Density; Which One Governs 04-Apr-2011
A Look at Centrifugal Pump Suction Hydraulic – Part 2 25-May-2011
What Two Phase Flow Regime Maps Narrate 12-Nov-2010
Misleading Definition by Crane TP-410; Head Loss Coefficient 30-Jun-2011
Select the Best Fitting Pressure Loss Correlation 04-Aug-2011
Contraction, Expansion, Pressure Drop 16-Aug-2011
Estimate Valve Pressure Drop Correctly 01-Sep-2011
Manual Valves - Flow Coefficients 28-Feb-2012
Simple Hydraulic Rule, Wide Application Range 29-Aug-2013
Erosional Velocity Limit 31-Oct-2014
P&ID Development & Process Control  
Is 600mm Sufficient to Keep BDV Functional? 20-Nov-2010
A Guideline for Design Pressure - Part 1 26-May-2012
A Guideline for Design Pressure - Part 2 30-Jul-2012
Static Equipment  
How to Specify Liquid-Liquid Separation 08-Dec-2010
Man way Is Not Only Man Way 22-Jan-2011
Broaden Your Knowledge about Condensate Pot 30-Nov-2011
Three Phase Separators - Times Definition 31-Oct-2012
Three Phase Separators - Inlet Devices 28-Jan-2013
Three Phase Separators - Gas Internals 09-July-2013
Three Phase Separators - Liquid Internals 25-Oct-2013
API-521 Flare KOD Design and Even More - Part 1 03-Jan-2014
API-521 Flare KOD Design and Even More - Part 2 21-Mar-2014
Questions You May Be Asked During an Interview 12-Feb-2011



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